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Sponsoring a Math Clinic

Go through the materials here, especially the Introduction, which begins with the Math Clinic Concept. Please feel free to examine our previous clinics, which indicates the breadth of our faculty. Note that each Clinic produces a report, which goes to the sponsor. This is only the minimal requirement, and most of our clinics have produced other products, such as software (generally, prototypical, rather than production quality).

Please bear in mind that clinics are not intended to compete with the private sector for providing consulting services. Instead, we offer a complementary service that fits with our primary goal: to educate the student.

As a sponsor, you provide not only the funds to support a graduate student assistant, but also you provide knowledge about your problem, or problem area, that you can describe to our students and the teacher. Such involvement is typical and strengthens the Clinic's benefit to all parties. In general, you would be expected to name a technical contact with whom the Clinic teacher and students can interact. Subject to scheduling considerations, the technical person (perhaps others) will come to the class. In the past, this has been done at least three times: (1) within the first 2-3 weeks to describe elements of the problem; (2) about mid-term to answer questions and hear what the students are doing and give them feedback; (3) the last week of the semester to hear what was done.

In addition to the technical services, Clinic sponorship offers benefits that accrue with establishing contact with an on-going research environment. You will have access to faculty and students to discuss problems, including some brainstroming sessions. Such access has proven beneficial to our previous Clinic sponsors, and you can feel free to contact them if you wish.

A third benefit from Clinic sponsorship is getting to know some students whom you might consider hiring. Rather than just a resume and brief interview, you will have an opportunity to examine the quality of work our students perform. Further, each student would become familiar with at least one of your problems, so it becomes less risky for everyone to decide whether there is a match for longterm employment.
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