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Teaching a Math Clinic

Go through the materials here, especially the Introduction, which begins with the Math Clinic Concept. You will note the goals include cultivating important skills for the students, beyond the mathematics, notably communication skills. Please consult the Conduct of Course that is common to all clinics, then compose your own, as you deem appropriate.

Consult the FAQs, and let the Clinic Director know if you have (or hear of any) questions that might be of general interest. Also, note the Advice to Teachers. At the end of your Clinic, please contribute to this for future teachers.

Please know that you are expected to produce a final report in LaTeX by the end of the semester, using the Clinic style file, which is provided. You are also expected to produce the postscript file, which is obtained simply from the LaTeX source. You will give these to the Clinic Director who will take care of putting them on the web and distribute printed copies to others (like Auraria Library). In addition, you are expected to deliver an HTML file of the Executive Summary. (This is the first part of your final report, and you can simply extract it and run it through latex2html on either tiger or math.)

Also, you must setup a clinic html in a subdirectory of your homepage, called clinic. For example, Bill Briggs' clinic (S96) is located in (note the filename follows a syntax, so others can link to it). Your clinic file must contain (at a minimum) a Conduct of Course, which contains grading policy, assignments, and related matters.

Since LaTeX is now required, please allocate some class time for students to learn LaTeX. They should be advised that they will be responsible to learn it primarily on their own, using only about 2 classes (1 intro near the beginning of the semester, and 1 workshop a few weeks later). It is recommended that you give some intermediate assignments to be done in LaTeX, such as having them turn in an annotated bibliography (see guide). For the final report, please use the Clinic style file and BibTeX, provided by the Clinic Director.

Let the Clinic Director know if you need assistance with these tasks.
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