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Alexander Engau

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UC Denver Mathematics Clinic

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Since 1982, the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at University of Colorado Denver runs a semi-annual math clinic that integrates practical problems from both private and public sectors into its accredited graduate curriculum. In pursuit of its educational goals to enhance learning experience and student academic training with technical communication and collaborative problem-solving skills, it offers industrial businesses and government agencies the opportunity to act as clinic sponsors with access to a vibrant research community. Each clinic is conducted as a research team in which students and faculty work together to find novel solutions to a problem of interest to the sponsor, who is also actively involved as technical contact and equal partner in the conducted research. Detailed research results of each clinic are returned to the sponsor in a written report together with any supplemental outcomes such as program codes or software, although the typical clinic is not intended to compete with the private sector for providing professional consulting services or for producing high-end software applications. On the other hand, clinic sponsorship provides the sponsor with numerous benefits that only accrue when establishing contact with an on-going research environment, including discussion and brainstorming sessions with students and faculty, the exposure of current and future students to relevant problems of interest without any further obligation, and the invaluable opportunity to directly examine the work quality of individual students who may be considered for hiring and a following long-term employment.

Math Clinic Poster

This recently prepared poster presented at the 2010 INFORMS Conference on O.R. Practice in Orlando summarizes some recent math clinic themes, methods, and resulting outcomes that were related to operations research and the management sciences, varying from the design of launch vehicles sponsored by United Launch Alliance (ULA) in Fall 2009 or the management and organization of massive public events in conjunction with the Democratic National Convention in Denver in Fall 2008 to national inventory and location planning of rental vehicles sponsored by Budget Truck Rental in the Spring and Fall of 2006. The clear objective of this poster presentation was to both to inform and to attract interested representatives of government and industry to this unique program and invite their own participation as potential future sponsor of another successful math clinic at UC Denver.

Further Information

For some further information for both sponsors and students, please refer to our current math clinic site at