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Alexander Engau

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Alexander Engau, Assistant Professor

Math 1401 Calculus I

This multi-section course is taught by me as instructor and coordinated by Mike Kawai who has posted all relevant materials at his page Please also refer to the online course management system My Math Lab (course ID engau18647).

Mathematical Sciences Course Catalog Description

First course of a three-semester sequence (MATH 1401, 2411, 2421) in calculus. Topics covered include limits, derivatives, applications of derivatives, and the definite integral. Note: Students cannot receive credit for both MATH 1080 and 1401. Prereq: MATH 1120 or 1130 and satisfactory score on the placement exam. Semester Hours: 4. GT Pathways Category Key: GT-MA1

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Tuesday 2:00 - 4:00 pm or by appointment, CU Building, Room 622

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