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What is a finite set?

(A countable set is finite or denumerable.)
A set whose cardinality equals a nonnegative integer.

Joe Fink

What is a differentiable function?
A function with non-vertical tangent lines at all points of its domain.

Peng Zhang

What are the elements (or members) of a set?
The objects that make up a set.

Wenxian Liang

What is a contradiction?
A compound statement that is always false.

Peng Zhang

What is the inverse of a relation?
For a relation from A to B, this is the relation from B to A.

Yayi Wang

What is a proper subset?
Given a set S, a set A such that all elements of A are in S but not all elements of S are in A.

Lingwen Li

What is a partial sum (of a sequence)?

(More precisely: What is the nth partial sum?)
The summation of the first n terms of a sequence.

Ana Vieyra

What is a theorem?
A fundamental mathematical result.

Shiyao Cao

What is a trivial proof?
The verification of a true statement from an unnecessary condition.

Liyu Zhou

What is a function's range?
The set of images of all elements in a function's domain.

Brett Bullis

What is the difference between two sets A and B (A-B)?
The relative complement of a set B in a set A (A ∩ B).


What is a convergent series?

(A divergent series is a series whose sequence of partial sums does not converge.)
An infinite summation whose sequence of partial sums approaches a limiting value.

Brett Bullis

What is a definition?
An initial characterization to give meaning to a (mathematical) term or concept.


What is a commutative law?

(An associative law is a rule that the outcome of multiple operations between multiple
objects is independent of the order in which the operations are executed.)
A rule that the outcome of an operation between two objects is independent of their order.

Qianmei Xing

What is an injective (one-to-one) function?
x ≠ y ⇒ f(x) ≠ f(y)


What is an ordered pair?

(The Cartesian product of n sets is the set of all ordered n-tuples.)
An element in the Cartesian product of two sets.

Shiyao Cao

What is a Fibonnaci number?

(The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, ...)
A number from the sequence that starts with two ones and continues by always adding the two preceeding numbers (also has something to do with rabbit relationships ...).

Lingwen Li

What is an index set?
A set of subscripts used to denote different elements in a set.


What is a vacuous proof?

(Any statement about an element of the empty set is vacuously true.)
The verification of an implication by showing that its condition is always false.

Wenxian Liang

What is a residue class (modulo n)?
An element of the integers modulo n.

Yang Lei

What is an indexed collection of sets?
A set of sets that are denoted using a set of subscripts.

Mieraf Shiferaw

What is the arithmetic mean (of two numbers)?
Given two numbers, the unique number whose distances to both numbers are identical.

Xinxiayou Xin

What is an axiom?
A fundamental assumption that is neither proven nor disproven but accepted to be true.

Jocelyn Bice

What is a proof of numerical equivalence (to show that two sets have the same cardinality)?
Establish a one-to-one-correspondance between two sets.

Xin Wang

What is a relation?
A subset of the Cartesian product of two sets.

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