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Alexander Engau

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Alexander Engau, Assistant Professor

Math 5593 Linear Programming

Welcome to the Fall 2013 Edition of Math 5593 Linear Programming

All materials that pertain to this course will also be uploaded on Canvas, including syllabus, lecture notes, homework assignments/solutions, and any additional reading assignments. Please let me know about any difficulties accessing these documents. Thank you and enjoy!

Mathematical Sciences Course Catalog Description

A linear program is an optimization problem that seeks to minimize or maximize a linear function subject to a system of linear inequalities and equations. This course begins with examples of linear programs and variations in their representations. Basic theoretical foundations covered include polyhedra, convexity, linear inequalities and duality. Two classes of solution algorithms are given: simplex methods and interior point methods. The primary emphasis of this course is on mathematical foundations, and applications are used to illustrate the main results.

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