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Alexander Engau

(You may download my card for contact information only.)

Alexander Engau, Associate Professor

A Welcome Message to Current and Prospective Students

This page contains some information for current and prospective students who intend to complete a Master's project or thesis with me, or who are interested in pursuing a doctoral dissertation under my supervision. In the future, I may also post some specific project/thesis suggestions together with a detailed "check list" of what I expect both in terms of preparation and work attitude. As of now, I suggest that you talk to me directly with any questions that you may have and collect additional feedback from some of my current or former students. Welcome again, and happy and successful studies!

Current Students

  • Anzhelika Lyubenko, Ph.D.
  • Chris Fildish, M.S.
  • Devon Sigler, Ph.D.

Former Students

  • Wesley Dyk, M.S., UC Denver, August 2015
    Project: Optimization methods for liquid inventory and hauling
  • Ana Kenney, M.S., UC Denver, May 2015
    Project: Optimal operation of hybrid vehicles using stochastic model predictive control
  • Chuda Baral, M.S., UC Denver, December 2014
    Project: “Pareto optimality and nondominance using polyhedral cones in multicriteria optimization
  • Nancy Tran, B.S., UC Denver/IC Beijing, May 2013
    Project: Task scheduling models with allocation of resources
  • Jingwei Li, M.S., UC Denver, December 2011
    Project: Warmstarting interior-point methods for semidefinite programming
  • Daniel Mejia, M.S. (Electrical Engineering), UC Denver, August 2011, co-advised with Fernando Mancilla-David
    Project: Optimization of a stand-alone hybrid wind/solar generation system
  • Phillip S. Wallis, M.S., UC Denver, December 2010
    Project: Optimization techniques for future energy market portfolios
  • Matthew J. Kaspari, M.S., UC Denver, August 2010
    Thesis: Optimal volunteer assignment with an application to Denver B-Cycle bike sharing program (Matt's work answers "How will volunteer selections be made?" on the Denver-B-Cycle web site.)
  • Maureen C. Harcourt, M.S., UC Denver, May 2010
    Project: A generalized network flow model to help plan for Colorado's green energy build
  • Zack Zhu, Coop Student, Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Canada, Spring 2009, co-supervised with Miguel F. Anjos