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Alexander Engau

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Alexander Engau, Associate Professor

List of Courses Taught and Teaching Experience

Below you can find a list of courses that I taught and assisted with at TU Dresden (Germany), Clemson University (USA), University of Waterloo (Canada), the International College at Beijing (China), and University of Colorado Denver (USA, current appointment).

Undergraduate Teaching (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, UC Denver)

Courses marked as (ICB) were taught during my academic year at the International College Beijing in partnership between China Agricultural University (CAU) and UCD.

Graduate Teaching (Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, UC Denver)

Adjunct Lecturer (Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo)

  • MSci 261 Managerial and Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers, Winter 2008, 2009

Guest Lecturer (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University)

  • MthSc 810 Linear Programming, Spring 2007 (two lectures)
  • MthSc 819 Multicriteria Optimization, Fall 2004 (one lecture)
  • MthSc 988 / ME 893 Selected Topics in Operations Research: Integration Through Optimization, with Department of Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2005 (two lectures)

Graduate Teacher of Record (Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University)

  • MthSc 207 Multivariable Calculus, Spring 2006
  • MthSc 301 Statistical Methods I, Spring 2007
  • MthSc 309 Introductory Business Statistics, Fall 2006

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University)

  • MthSc 103 Elementary Functions, Course Assistant, Fall 2003
  • MthSc 104 College Algebra, Lab Instructor, Fall 2003 and Spring 2004, Course Assistant, Spring 2004

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Institute for Scientific Computing, Department of Mathematics, Dresden University of Technology)

  • Computer Science and Programming for Mathematicians I, Lab Instructor, Winter 2001
  • Computer Science and Programming for Mathematicians II, Lab Instructor, Summer 2002

Extradepartmental Teaching

  • GER 310 Clemson Language Immersion Program (CLIP), Department of Languages, Clemson University, Course Assistant and German Language Instructor, Summer 2005 and 2006 (26 students)