Server Side Include Variables

AUTH_TYPE(none)client authorization method
CONTENT_LENGTH(none)size of input posted from client
CONTENT_TYPE(none)MIME type of content
DATE_GMTSunday, 17-Feb-2019 02:39:40 GMTcurrent GMT
DATE_LOCALSaturday, 16-Feb-2019 19:39:40 MSTcurrent local time and date
DOCUMENT_NAMEssi.shtmldocument name that was requested
DOCUMENT_URL(none)URL of the document
LAST_MODIFIEDSunday, 12-Jul-2015 00:44:11 MDTdocument modified date
PAGE_COUNT(none)number of accesses to current document since server was brought on line
HTTP_REFERER(none)URL of the document the client came from
HTTP_USER_AGENTCCBot/2.0 ( string of web browser
REMOTE_ADDR52.91.176.251numeric IP address of the client
REMOTE_HOST(none)domain name of the client (if reverse lookup turned on)
REMOTE_USER(none)ID of user, rarely ever found
SERVER_NAMEwww.math.ucdenver.eduserver hostname
SERVER_PORT80the port used by httpd
SERVER_PROTOCOLHTTP/1.1version of httpd compliance
SERVER_SOFTWAREApache/2.2.15 (CentOS)name of the server software
TOTAL_HITS(none)total number of pages served by server since brought on line

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