These documents are various exposition or other mathematical material that I wish to make public.

Stephen G. Hartke, Graph-Theoretic Models of Spread and Competition, Ph.D. dissertation, Rutgers University, Oct. 2004.
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By chapter:
Chapter 1: Introduction dvi | ps | pdf | web
Chapter 2: The Voter Model with Confidence Levels dvi | ps | pdf | web
Chapter 3: Response Strategies to Deterministic Spread dvi | ps | pdf | web
Chapter 4: The Elimination Procedures dvi | ps | pdf | web

An article on implementing a "binary clock" using shift registers or Gray code, instead of the traditional binary representation.
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Oral Qualifying Exam Syllabus, Rutgers University, Dec. 13, 2001.
Rutgers Oral Quals | dvi | ps | pdf | web

Stephen G. Hartke, Summer mathematics research experiences, Proceedings of the Conference on Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research Programs, J.A. Gallian, ed., American Mathematical Society (2000), pp. 267-271.
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