Spring 2002 Math 135:04 Calculus I

Dr. Yi Zhao
Office: Hill 638
Phone: 445-3726
Office Hours: MF, 2:50-4:10pm
TA for section 4:
Stephen Hartke
Office: Hill 605B
Phone: 445-8209
Office Hour: Tues 3-4pm
TA for sections 5 and 6:
Aaron Lauve
Office: Hill 605B
Phone: 445-8209
Office Hour: Th 7:45-8:45pm
Note: Hill 605B is in the interior of Hill 605.
(May 2) I have graded Quiz #12. The quizzes can be picked up during my normal office hours on Tuesday, May 7, from 3-4pm.

(Apr. 5) The second midterm exam will be given during the lecture on Friday, April 12. During the recitation on Thursday, April 11, we will have a review session. This will consist mostly of going over the practice exam posted on the Math 135 and Dr. Zhao's homepages, but I will also answer any other questions you have on material for the midterm. We will not have a quiz during the recitation.

(Mar. 28) We will not be covering section 5.3 on compound interest. You thus do not need to do problems 8, 9, and 10 of WebWork problem set 8.

(Feb. 28) I will be away the week of March 4. My office hours on Tuesday, March 5, are cancelled, and another TA will be running the recitation on Thursday, March 7. If you have any questions that need to be directed to me, send me email, but note that I will not be able to respond until after Saturday, March 9.

(Feb. 21) The first midterm exam will be on Tuesday, Feb 26 during the lecture period. A review session will be held on Friday, Feb. 22 in SERC 212 at 4:30pm. SERC is the Science and Engineering Resource Center located on Busch campus. I encourage students to attempt the review problems on Dr. Zhao's webpage before coming to the review session. The session will be mainly devoted to answering questions that students have on these problems or problems from the book, previous quizzes, or WebWork.
Meeting Times for section 4:
    Lecture: Tues Fri 11:30-12:50pm; Milledoler Hall, Rm 100, College Ave.
    Recitation: Thurs 1:25-2:20pm; Hardenbergh Hall, Rm A3, College Ave.
    Dr. Yi Zhao's course webpage.
    The Rutgers Math Department's Math 135 Homepage.
    Math 135 WeBWorK login page.
    Aaron Lauve's Sections 5 and 6 webpage.
Grading Policy for Quizzes:
    Each week, a quiz will be given at the end of the recitation. The quiz will take about 10 minutes to complete. The quizzes are designed to encourage students to keep up with the material and to provide another form of feedback on the students' understanding of the subject. Thus, it is important that students show all of their work on the quiz in a neat and organized format. Answers without any work shown (when such work is necessary) will not be accepted.
    Each quiz will be graded out of 10 points. At the end of the semester, the top ten quizzes will count towards the final grade, for a maximum of 100 points. If a student misses a quiz due to an acceptable excuse as defined by university policy, the student will have the opportunity to take a similar quiz on the same material at the end of the semester. The grade of this make-up quiz will substitute for the missed quiz. Students must contact me as soon as feasible about an absence, and the giving of make-up quizzes is still at the discretion of the instructor. The date and time of the make-up quizzes will be announced later in the semester.
Old Quizzes:
    I will post each quiz with solutions in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format after it is given. I encourage students to read the solutions if they made mistakes on the quiz and to use the quizzes to review for exams.

Jan. 24   Practice Quiz         Mar. 28   Quiz #8
Jan. 31   Quiz #1         Apr. 4   Quiz #9
Feb. 7   Quiz #2         Apr. 18   Quiz #10
Feb. 14   Quiz #3         Apr. 25   Quiz #11
Feb. 21   Quiz #4         May 2   Quiz #12
Feb. 28   Quiz #5
Mar. 7   Quiz #6
Mar. 14   Quiz #7

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