Topics in Graph Theory

Math 958 Fall 2008 Section 001

(Dec 18) I've finished grading the last two homeworks, and have posted those grades as well as the course grades on Blackboard. Solutions for the two homework sets are available in an envelope outside my office door.
I enjoyed teaching the class this semester, and I learned a lot, too. I hope that you did as well. Have a relaxing winter break!
Course Materials:
    Course policies and course log recording topics covered in each lecture.
    Textbook: Preliminary version of Volume I: Extremal Graph Theory of The Art of Combinatorics by Douglas B. West.

homework #1, due week of Oct 6
homework #1 from presentations, due Mon Nov 27 24
homework #2, due Mon Nov 10
homework #2 from presentations (tex), updated Dec 16; due Wed Dec 17
homework #3 (tex), due Mon Dec 8
Tyler Seacrest: Combinatorial Nullstellensatz
Derrick Stolee: computational complexity, algebraic Nullstellensatz
Katie Field: fractional coloring
Debbie Berg: fractional edge coloring
Raghunath Tewari: discharging
Chantelle Bicket: Grotzsch's theorem
Katie Morrison: Lovasz Local Lemma
Andrew Ray: coloring interval graphs
Derek Boeckner: the second moment method
Brian Kell: chromatic and Tutte polynomials
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There will be no tests or final exam.
Old Announcements:
(Dec 11) The second homework from the presentations has now been finalized. The homework is due Wed Dec 17.
(Dec 3) On question #1 of Homework #3, ck should be a positive constant.
(Nov 18) Homework #3 is due on Mon Dec 8.
(Nov 10) The first 4 homework questions from presentations are due on Mon Nov 24.
(Nov 3) Homework #2 is due on Mon Nov 10.
(Oct 28) Here is Debbie Berg's slides (tex) for her presentation on fractional matchings and fractional edge colorings.
(Oct 27) There will be no class on Wed Oct 29.
(Oct 26) Homework #2 has been updated with an additional question.
(Oct 16) Thanks to the students who filled out the informal feedback survey; here is a summary of the responses.
(Oct 6) Please submit solutions to the first homework this week. Also, the second homework problem from presentations has also been posted.
(Sept 24) Starting Wed Sept 24, the class will actually be meeting in 345 Avery.
(Sept 23) Starting Wed Sept 24, the class will be meeting in Ferguson Room 113.
(Sept 1) The first in-class presentation by a student will be on the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz.

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