Math 850 Fall 2009 Section 001

(Dec 18) I have finished grading the final exam and computing the final course grades. I have posted these on Blackboard and have submitted the course grades. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.
I greatly enjoyed teaching this class, and I hope that you enjoyed it, too. Thanks for your hard work this semester, and enjoy the winter break!
Course Materials:
    Course policies and course log recording topics covered in each lecture.
    Textbook: prepublication version of Combinatorial Mathematics (corrections) by D.B. West.

homework #1, due Wed Sep 2
homework #2, due Thurs Sep 10 by noon
homework #3, due Wed Sep 16 Fri Sep 18
homework #4, due Fri Sep 25 Mon Sep 28
homework #5, due Wed Oct 7
homework #6, due Fri Oct 16
homework #7, due Wed Oct 28
homework #8, due Wed Nov 4
homework #9, due Wed Nov 11
homework #10, due Mon Nov 23
homework #11, due Fri Dec 4
homework #12, due Fri Dec 11

    Stephen Hartke, hartke @ No . Spam . mäth . únl . edu (appropriately changed)
    Office: Avery Hall Room 339, Phone: 402-472-7001
    Office Hours: Mon, Wed, and Fri, 10:30-11:20am, or by appointment.
Meeting Times:
    Mon, Wed, and Fri, 9:30am-10:20am, Avery Hall Room 109
Collaborative Study Sessions:
    Mon 5-6pm, Avery Hall Room 348 (lounge)
    Evening tests: Thurs Oct 8, 6-8pm and Thurs Nov 19, 6-8pm, Avery Hall Room 119
Final Exam:
    Tue Dec 15, 10:00am-12:00pm Avery Hall Room 109
Old Announcements:
(Dec 11) Here are some additional practice problems on coding theory. I will be around the department on Monday, I will hold extended office hours on Mon Dec 14 at 5:00pm in the lounge.
(Dec 4) The final exam will be Tuesday December 15 from 10:00am to noon in 109 Avery. The final will be cumulative, with an emphasis on coding theory. The format will be very similar to the tests. You may bring a notes sheet: one 8.5x11 sheet of paper with anything written on it (front and back).
(Nov 13) The second test will be Thurs Nov 19 at 6pm in Avery 119. The format will be similar to the first test; the test will cover up through Pólya-Redfield counting. As on the first test, you may bring a notes sheet: one 8.5x11 sheet with anything written on it you want (front and back).
(Nov 11) There will be no class on Fri Nov 20.
(Oct 21) Thanks to everyone for filling out the informal feedback survey! Here is a summary of the responses.
(Oct 16) There will be no class on Friday Oct 23.
(Oct 5) Herb Wilf's book generatingfunctionology is a good resource on generating functions.
(Oct 2) The first test will be Thurs Oct 8, 6-8pm in 119 Avery Hall. The material covered will be up through Section 3.2. You may bring a notes sheet: one 8.5x11 sheet of paper with anything you want written on it, front and back.
(Sep 28) For the last question of Homework #5 on Sicherman dice, the dice must be labeled with positive integers.
(Sep 25) Here is an example showing how to compute the number of ways to make change for 89 cents using Sage.
(Sep 19) The second test will be on Thurs Nov 19, not Nov 5 as was previously (and incorrectly) listed on the webpage. Nov 19 is during the week of Nov 16, as was announced on the first day of classes.
(Sep 21) The due date for Homework #4 is changed to Monday Sep 28.
(Sep 14) The due date for Homework #3 is changed to Friday Sep 18.
(Sep 2) Since Mon Sep 7 is Labor Day, the collaborative study session will be held Tues Sep 8 at 5pm in the lounge (348 Avery).
(Aug 27) Here is the correct statement of the polynomial principle for multivariate polynomials.
(Aug 25) The collaborative study sessions will be held Mon 5-6pm in Avery 348 (the lounge). The two evening tests are scheduled for Thurs Oct 8, 6-8pm and Thurs Nov 19, 6-8pm, in 119 Avery.
(Aug 20) Our classroom has been changed to 109 Avery Hall.

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