Calculus I

Math 106 Fall 2014 Section 250

More information is posted on the course webpage on Blackboard. We also use WebWork for online assignments.
    Stephen Hartke, hartke @ No . Spam . mäth . únl . edu (appropriately changed)
    Office: Avery Hall Room 339, Phone: 402-472-7001
    Office Hours: Mon, Wed, and Fri, 10:30-11:20am, or by appointment.
Meeting Times:
    Mon, Wed, and Fri, 8:30am-9:20am, Avery Hall Room 115
Course Materials:
    Syllabus and course policies.
    Textbook: Calculus, Fifth edition (UNL version), by D. Hughes-Hallett, et al.

Useful links:
Desmos online graphing, another (broken?), fooplot, graphsketch, Riemann sum
spring, thrown ball
Animated unit circle, sine and cosine

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