Research Interests

  • Mathematics and Statistics Education, Applied Probability and Statistics, Markov Processes, Bayesian Statistics, Evolutionary Population Dynamics, Statistical Signal Processing, Sabermetrics

Current Research

  • My current research (under the advising of Dr. Burt Simon) is in the development and statistical analysis of evolutionary population dynamics models.
  • I enjoy mentoring undergraduate research projects. The most recent project was analyzing our department's instructor evaluations (presentation slides) with two undergraduate economics majors. If you're an undergraduate interested in working on a research project, feel free to email me!

    • Publications

      Miscellaneous Projects

      • A Survey of Recent Genetic Development in Ant Social Polymorphism (report)


      Haoyue, Lilong, and I presenting our research on course evaluations.
      Research and Creative Activities Symposium, University of Colorado Denver. April 2017.