Englewood Leadership Academy

Englewood Leadership Academy (ELA) is a middle school in Englewood, CO with an emphasis on individualized attention, community partnerships, and interdisciplinary projets. The club will be run in cooperation with ELA teachers Ericka Legnard and Becky Raimonde.

Ericka Legnard

Ericka Legnard Picture
Ericka has been teaching in Englewood Schools for 17 years, and currently teaches Math and Leadership at ELA. She has a bachelor's degree in Biological Science and a master's degree in Math Education. Ericka is committed to bringing new opportunities to students to help them reach their full potential and serves as the coach of the MathCounts team.

Green Mountain High School

Green Mountain High School (GMHS) is located in Lakewood, CO and enables students to explore their passions with great depth. Students can focus on one or multiple areas from STEM, business & global studies, health & human services, and arts, humanities & performance. The club will be run in cooperation with GMHS teachers Charles Powell and Johanna Tiwari.

Charles Powell

Charles Powell Picture
Charles has a background in Physics and a master's degree in Secondary Science Education. His wife and daughter are both teachers as well. He has been teaching science and technology for over 30 years and is especially enthusiastic about trying to teach computer science to everyone.

Johanna Tiwari

Johanna Tiwari Picture
Johanna has a background in chemical engineering and a master's degree in Secondary Science Education. She is the STEM Academy Leader at GMHS and teaches all the engineering courses along with Honors and AP Chemistry courses. In addition to the STEM club, she is the Science Olympiad coach.

Littleton High School

Littleton High School (LHS) is located in Littleton, CO and offers students the opportunity to complete a STEM Certificate Program through additional coursework and a digital portfolio. The graduate students will be assisting LHS teacher Pamela Wilkins with the Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter that has won the state competition 11 of the past 12 years.

Pamela Wilkins

Pamela Wilkins Picture
Pamela has a background in Industrial Arts & Technology Education and a master's degree in Manufacturing Technology & Construction Management. She is credentialed in STEM and has been teaching at LHS for 21 years. She started the TSA club and has served as the club's advisor ever since.
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