Englewood Leadership Academy

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin Picture
Sarah is a PhD student in the Pharmacology Program with a background in biochemistry. Her research focuses on regulating bioactive lipids in traumatic brain injury.

Veronica Searles

Veronica Searles Picture
Veronica is an MD/PhD student in the CU Denver School of Medicine. Her research investigates the genetic basis of disease with a focus on psychiatric disorders. She has been involved in science instruction for the past decade and is very excited to be working with CSC!

Green Mountain High School

Joanne Cole

Joanne Cole Picture
Joanne is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program with a background in cellular biology and molecular genetics. Her research is in identifying genes involved with facial shape variation and development. She is excited to participate in the CSC program and can't wait to start doing fun science and math activities with students.

Britni Sanchez

Britni Sanchez Picture
Britni is a 3rd year PhD student in the neuroscience program. Her research involves studying how the brain processes smell and how molecules in the air become perceptible odors. She currently works on imaging and recording neuron activity in mice.

Littleton High School

Jessica Kahl

Jessica Kahl Picture
Jessica is an MS student in the CU School of Medicine with a focus in Modern Human Anatomy. Her research investigates student eye movement as they visually interact with a virtual classroom. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, rafting, and snowboarding.

Brent Thomas

Brent Thomas Picture
Brent is a PhD student in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences department with a background in mathematics education. His research emphasis is in a branch of discrete mathematics called graph theory. Having taught high school mathematics before his graduate career, he can't wait to share his enthusiasm for math and science with high school students again.

Karl Treadwell

Karl Treadwell Picture
Karl is an MS student in the Biomedical Engineering department with a background in mechanical engineering. His research studies applications of stem cells to regenerate human cells or tissues within the musculoskeletal system and to help restore normal bodily functions.

Peer Mentor

Axel Brandt

Axel Brandt Picture
Axel is a PhD student in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences department with a research focus in graph theory. With outreach experience as a GK-12 fellow and the CU Math department's "Math on My Mind" program, he will be assisting the CSC residents with activity planning and implementation. He is excited to continue expanding STEM awareness in the community.
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