Green Mountain High School

Emily Mastej

Emily Mastej Picture
Emily is a master's student in the Modern Human Anatomy program with a background in Mathematics. Her research includes creating an interactive model of the human brain and a computer program that automatically counts airways of lung CT scans.

Nicole Durant

Nicole Durant Picture
Nicole is a post-baccalaureate student in the department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences as well as the department of Integrative Biology. Her research is multidisciplinary— incorporating mathematics and statistics with biological sciences to model the behavior of receptors on B-cell membranes. She loves to teach, and is excited to work with high-school students to share her passion for all things STEM!

Daisy Ceniceros

Daisy Ceniceros Picture
Daisy is a sophmore biology major at CU Denver who enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and running.

Wheat Ridge High School

Mackenzie Winter

Mackenzie Winter Picture

Laura Marshala

Laura Marshala Picture
Laura is currently a senior Mechanical Engineering student at CU Denver. In 2015 she volunteered on a high school hydrogen fuel cell eco car team as a mentor. She is the vice president of the CU Denver chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. Additionally, she completed a summer aerospace internship for the Colorado Space Business Roundtable. Before pursuing an education in engineering, Laura received a degree in Film Production. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, camping, hiking, wakeboarding, and playing ice hockey.

Susan Waruinge

Susan Waruinge Picture
Susan is currently an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Colorado Denver. She is an active member of the Society of Women Engineers and one of her passions lies in getting more middle and high school aged girls involved in STEM.

York International School

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan Picture
Mike is an undergraduate student in the Electrical Engineering department at CU Denver. He has assisted with research work in stereo computer vision as it applies to autonomous robotics, integration of embedded systems in FPGA/CPLD technology, and embedded hardware integration with Global Positioning Systems.

Samantha Passman

Samantha Passman Picture
Samantha is a second year student in the Pre-Bioengineering program. She was in the Navy for six years as a passive sonar technician until 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and riding horses.

Kenny Ho

Kenny Ho Picture
With his love for STEM, Kenny Ho is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He was heavily involved in outreach programs throughout high schoo, and is ecstatic for the opportunity to teach and work along with students to discover their passion for STEM.

Chloe Sanders

Chloe Sanders Picture
Chloe is a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and Economics, and minoring in Biology and Communication. Her research focuses on the GSK-3 kinase and its effects on various signaling pathways. She has worked previously to start and run the CU Denver Biology Club’s outreach program and is very excited to work with CSC this year.

Littleton High School

Brent Thomas

Brent Thomas Picture
Brent is a PhD student in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences department with a background in mathematics education. His research emphasis is in a branch of discrete mathematics called graph theory. Having taught high school mathematics before his graduate career, he can't wait to share his enthusiasm for math and science with high school students again.

Katarina Serrano

Katarina Serrano Picture
Katarina is a mathematics major at CU Denver with a minor in education. She is involved with many student organizations and clubs around campus. She currently serves as a Student Ambassador with the Office of Admissions, where she works closely with K-12 Outreach. Her career plan is to become a high school math teacher. Katarina is very thankful for all the hands-on internships she has been given through CU Denver, including her recent internship through the Robert Noyce Foundation, an organization with the goals of putting prospective science and math educators into an urban school setting. She is excited to participate in the CSC program and continue her involvement with the community.

Adam Rauff

Adam Rauff Picture
Adam is a Junior in the bioengineering program at the CU Denver school of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His topic of interest lies in biomechanics, and more specifically in the analysis of bone tissue. He thoroughly enjoys exercising and playing sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball.

Englewood Leadership Academy

Melanie Dufva

Melanie Dufva Picture
Melanie is a PhD student in bioengineering, with a background in materials science engineering. Her research focuses on cardiovascular and ventricular mechanics in pulmonary hypertension. She is thrilled to be working with CSC and getting students excited about science!

Ashley Trumpie

Ashley Trumpee Picture
Ashley is a junior at UC Denver majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry and psychology. Her short term aims are to go to medical school and long term aims include working for Doctors Without Borders and/or W.H.O. Her husky Jude is her sidekick as she explores Denver and the surrounding areas. Hobbies include baking, napping, and trying to read in the park while Jude chases squirrels.

Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis Picture
Bob is a student at CU Denver where he studies biology, psychology, english, and mathematics. When he's not at school, he works as a private tutor and test prep instructor. In his free time, he likes to perform close-up magic and play chess.
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