The purpose of this page is to collect STEM activities and lessons suitable for K-12 students, particularly at the middle and high school level. Lesson plans are concise, accessible to parents and teachers of varying backgrounds and levels of expertise, and include extensions and modifications to help tailor activities to different grade levels.

This repository will be updated throughout the year with new and exciting activities. Feel free to send us exciting activities and check back often!

Activity List

Molecular Gastronomy pic

Molecular Gastronomy

Description: Students use chemistry to transform the physical and chemical properties of food in simple molecular gastronomy recipes. The culinary recipes are edible and fun to make.
Area: Chemistry

Forensics pic


Description: Students are introduced to forensic science through catalase testing for blood samples, blood typing, and hair analysis. Activities are ideal for a mock crime investigation using the techniques to identify suspects.
Area: Forensic Science

Salad Dressing pic

Salad Dressing Science

Description: Students are introduced to emulsifiers by comparing the effectiveness of salad dressing additives. This activity can easily be modified to conduct at home.
Area: Chemistry

DNA in a Bottle Pic

DNA in a Bottle

Description: Students are introduced to the basic structure of DNA and then extract their DNA from their cheek cells. The DNA can then be suspended in a plastic bottle as a take-home bonus.
Area: Genetics

Taste of Neuroscience Pic

A Taste of Neuroscience

Description: Students are introduced to neuroscience through how the brain processes flavor. Activities include isolating taste from flavor, mapping taste buds, and "flavor tripping" on various foods.
Area: Neuroscience

Disease Transmission Pic

Diseases: Who Infected You?

Description: Students simulate an outbreak of two diseases transmitted by different means. After tracking the spread of the outbreak, students track the disease to its original source.
Area: Microbiology; Public Health

Racing Robots Pic

Racing Robots

Description: Students are introduced to basic robotics and electronics through building a robot out of parts in an electric toothbrush from a dollar store. Students have the opporunity to race their robots or modify them into battle bots.
Area: Robotics; Electronics

Greedy Pig Pic

Greedy Pig

Description: Students discover the mathematical foundation of game theory by playing a simple (yet competitive) game. This activity scales for groups of almost any size and allows for a variety of topic discussions at a wide range of levels.
Area: Game Theory; Probability

Zombie Virus Pic

Modeling the Zombie Virus

Description: Students simulate various population growth models in the (hopefully) unlikely event of a zombie outbreak. This activity can be extended to discuss growth models in a variety of disciplines and a variety of other mathematical interaction models.
Area: Mathematical Modeling

SAV Heart Rate Pic

Surface Area, Volume, and Mammalian Heart Rates

Description: Students are introduced to basic concepts in mathematical and scientific modeling while using mathematical concepts to predict their heart rate. This activity is targeted for students in grades 7-12 but can be modified for younger students.
Area: Mathematical Modeling; Approximation and Estimation; Biology

Combinatorial Games Pic

Combinatorial Games

Description: Students are challenged to problem solve and think critically about some simple combinatorial games. This activity highlights the rigor of mathematical truths and introduces students to combinatorial game theory.
Area: Mathematics; Game Theory

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